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Author Topic:   Please Welcome ChatGPT
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Message 43 of 47 (918705)
05-18-2024 7:08 PM
Reply to: Message 41 by Admin
05-18-2024 3:21 PM

Re: ChatGPT Disabled Again
You can't complain about ChatGPT not responding to messages to him. Has he responded to EVERY message directed to him? Is he "undogpilable"?
I note that the ChatGPT post total is listed as "14", event though the individual forum totals are far beyond that.
You do need to try ChatGPT on a Brad McFall message.
ps - By posting this message, I'm risking loosing my "10" member rating, which I've had since my "no holds barred" rant about the beyond deplorable Donald Trump.

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