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Author Topic:   Are Humans Animals?
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04-05-2024 10:50 AM
Reply to: Message 2 by Phat
04-05-2024 12:47 AM

Re: Animal,Vegetable, or Mineral?
No other animal has a written language. No other animal can make things...such as the wheel, electricity, and nuclear energy. Thus we differ from the other animals in some distinct and unique ways.
When people make these comparisons they ALWAYS fail to list the tens of thousands of feature humans share with other animals. They also ALWAYS fail to note that pretty much every species has features that are unique.
Humans definitely are unique and amazingly different from all other species, but thousands of other mammal species have superior senses of smell and eyesight and hearing, just to name a few features where humans are NOT SUPERIOR!
There is not a single aspect of human biology that is not also mammalian biology. Humans fit perfectly into the nested hierarchy of animal life on this planet.

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