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Author Topic:   The Atheist Prayer Argument Is A Dull Generalisation Predicated On INEXPERIENCE
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09-21-2023 8:08 AM
Reply to: Message 52 by Tangle
09-20-2023 12:06 PM

You both put a lot of effort into that reply, sadly I suspect that Mik the Troll won't be back.
He'll be back. He always comes back. But he will come back to post more of the same bs. driewerf's post doesn't exist and will not get a response from him.
But ...
Take heart all ye Knights Of The True Path Of Science And Reality! The net sees and keeps all. The words of driewerf do not fall upon deaf galleries of peanuts but upon the collective human consciousness. ChatGPT is here. His words are now forever weighed into the matrix.

Stop Tzar Vladimir the Condemned!

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 Message 52 by Tangle, posted 09-20-2023 12:06 PM Tangle has not replied

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