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Author Topic:   2024 US Presidential Election
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03-27-2024 9:14 PM
Reply to: Message 17 by Percy
07-14-2023 2:56 PM

Re: The Ten Worst States for Quality of Life
Percy wrote:
The Ten Worst States for Quality of Life
CNBC today ran an article about The Ten Worst States for Quality of Life. It rated all the states according to how good they were to live and work in, which included factors like crime, environmental quality, health care, childcare, discrimination, voting rights and reproductive rights. Here they are in ascending order from worst to least worst, and I include CNBC's point score. I also include who they voted for in 2020. I don't expect there are any surprises:
State Points 2020 Vote
Texas 53 Trump
Oklahoma 75 Trump
Louisiana 76 Trump
South Carolina 86 Trump
Alabama 86 Trump
Missouri 98 Trump
Indiana 113 Trump
Tennessee 115 Trump
Arkansas 118 Trump
Florida 129 Trump
CNBC is as far left-wing as media liars can get.
Californians are RUNNING out of the state due to absurdly high taxes,
coddling criminals, woke politics, the insanely high price of housing, the highest homeless percentage of any state and far and away the largest number of street bums crapping in the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and......
What state are the most Californians moving to? Texas, where men are men and women are glad of it. This should hurt Percey's feelings as I'm quite certain he things homosexuality is JUST FINE. I mean, except for the thousands of small children they molest, and the mass murders they commit far in excess of their relative population.

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