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Author Topic:   ChatGPT
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04-27-2023 12:58 PM
Reply to: Message 33 by Phat
04-27-2023 6:30 AM

Re: Is there any longer a point to arguing that there's no real AI out there?
Phat writes:
My point is that AI will itself correct that flaw and move on...quicker than we imagine.
The genie is out of the bottle.
As convinced as you may be - this is incorrect.
This particular genie is not anywhere close to getting out.
It may very well happen - but not from things like Chat bots.
What you've done is the same as this:
"Look! I've found this incredible mosaic! See all the detail! All the complexity! Such a wonderful artform!!!"
Everyone who looks at a mosaic knows it takes intelligence to put it together - but the mosaic itself is just a bunch of coloured stones/tiles arranged in a pattern. No matter how complex or large the mosaic may be or may grow... the mosaic itself isn't going to have any intelligence. Although it is complex... its not "that-kind" of complexity.
You are looking at the extremely complex mosaic of the Chat bots... and saying they're intelligent or "the genie is out of the bottle" in regards to consciousness.
But, in reality, "that-kind" of complexity isn't what makes Chat bots work. There is absolutely 0% chance of a Chat bot becoming "conscious." It just doesn't have that style of complexity anywhere near it.
"That-kind" of complexity is being researched and worked on, and there is "a danger" to be aware of... but the fears you have for Chat bots simply are not founded in any way.

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