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Author Topic:   Evolutionists improbable becoming probable argument
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02-21-2023 9:11 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by mike the wiz
02-19-2023 8:12 AM

mike the wiz writes:
Abiogenesis is one of those unreal things.
You should have spent your time making this connection.
Because this connection doesn't exist. Abiogenesis, in fact, is not one of those things.
There's nothing about Abiogenesis that makes it seem unlikely or improbable. It's basically "if a bunch of early life materials are in the same place, and energy is added - early life begins."
We know that life didn't exist at some point.
We know that a bunch of early life materials were on Earth before life existed.
We know that energy was added.
We know that life existed at a later point.
That doesn't improbable. It sounds quite likely.

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