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Author Topic:   Evolutionists improbable becoming probable argument
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04-02-2024 10:54 AM
Reply to: Message 82 by ChemEngineer
03-30-2024 1:29 PM

Re: The Miserable End of Darwinism
ChemEngineer in Message 82 writes:
Slums are the fastest growing, i.e. Darwinian, human habit on earth today. Worldwide, over one billion humans live in them, 24% of all humanity.

“Going down the slopes of Mount Improbable is not allowed by natural selection.” The billion plus humans living in slums are not going up any slopes other than trash.
You seem to be making the same mistake that Darwin and many of his time did in assuming that human evolution proceeds in ways that line up with the particular values of your culture and time. Particularly in the English-speaking world, many of us live in absurd luxury relative to most of the history of humanity, and more to the point consume many more resources. It's certainly more individually enjoyable to live that way, but it's not at all sure at this point that aspiring to that lifestyle is a good long-term strategy for humanity's survival. And the question is complicated by the extent to which those slums are an inseparable byproduct of the luxuries.
ChemEngineer in Message 82 writes:
The least educated of the world are the most Darwinian:
"Most Darwinian" is a nonsensical concept in the first place, but especially here since the cause for almost all of the differences you list is down to economic, social, and political factors rather than anything particularly to do with biology.

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