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Author Topic:   dBoard 4.2 Release
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Message 17 of 95 (906654)
02-15-2023 3:43 PM

How to Use Monospace Font?
How do we use a monospace font like Courier New in order to preserve a character's location in a line, thus allowing us to set up tables with columns or to sketch an ASCII diagram. An example would be my diagram in Message 484 of a hypothetical descent tree.
Normally I would use the HTML pre tag which displays the text in a fixed-width font like Courier New plus retaining all space characters and newlines.
In that Message 484 I did use the pre HTML tags and that worked well enough at the time, but now with the update all characters are jammed up to the left margin with all spaces having been stripped out.
I've tried a few things such as setting face to courier new but to no avail.
code does work ... kind of. It still either eliminates or uses different widths for space characters, such that what I type in does not quite gets displayed that way. For example, I copied that tree diagram to my text editor (which is always set to Courier New), lined everything up perfectly, then copy-and-pasted that to the message edit box and the spaces were off (too narrow). Close, but no cheroot.
Is there a solution?
OBTW, here's that tree diagram using code tags:
Tree:                       A
           |                                          |
           B                                       C
           |                                          |
    +---+--------+           +----------+------+
    |                    |            |                        |
    D                 E           F                        G
                             |                  |
                             H                 I
I had to add that word, "Tree:", because regardless of what I tried the leading spaces before "A" kept getting stripped out, even using code.

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Posts: 5974
Joined: 05-02-2006
Member Rating: 3.6

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02-18-2023 1:41 PM

Writing URL Without It Turning into a Link?
How to?

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