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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Winter: Baby, It's Cold Outside!
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01-02-2023 9:48 AM
Reply to: Message 56 by Phat
01-02-2023 8:55 AM

Too rapidly?
Too rapidly? Ha! If you step back and look at it we are way, way to slow to stop burning fossil fuels. After the catastrophic climate effects we are having we have been killing millions every year through the crap pumped into the air.
If you don't think that is dangerous then take Arnold Schwartzenegger challenge and pick the garage with the ICE vehicle running in it. You along with all of us are in the one garage we have.
"Authoritarian"? Rules are needed when the oil giants have been deliberately spreading misinformation after knowing for decades there is a problem. It's the same reason we need to lock up serial killers.
We left getting on with it about a generation too long so now the disruption and difficulty will be greater than it had to be. Leaving it any longer will only make the pain that much greater.

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