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Author Topic:   How the new Intelligence Design explains Reality?
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12-17-2022 8:07 PM

On the origin topic with Intelligent Design...
To tell you the truth, I was not there when the first life or first living biological cell was created or intelligently designed (intellen), so I cannot claim anything. But, since science is using human and its experience (empirical) in dealing with many things to understand reality, then, I will be using that to answer the origin of life and DNA or cell.
The new Intelligent Design had discovered the differences between intelligently designed X (intellen X) to non-intelligently designed X (naturen X), which means that only the new ID has the correct powerful and universal explanation in science that are reliable and precise. Supposed to be, Darwin and the former many famous scientists before me, in science or in Biology, should be discovering that universal pattern between the two. But sad to say, because of the stupidity of Darwin and his arrogant supporters, science did not have that universal pattern from them. Shame on them for insulting Creationism (as Creatards) that Creationism has no universal criteria, and kicked Creationism out in schools and in society, in where, they too, Evolution and its supporters, had no criteria to offer. Dare to challenge me in here?
So, by basing the universal pattern, or I called it the UBL, universal boundary line, any intellen X must have at least 1.5 supports as minimum to be called/labeled as intelligently designed X, intellen X. The maximum support is 3, to be labeled as intelligently designed X (intellen X). If there is no support, then, it is non-intelligently designed X or naturen X. To those who are opposing these criteria, I challenge anyone to make an experiment between intelligence and non-intelligence, and compare with my discovery, OR SHUT UP! Or support me.
Since before I was born, DNA, cell, and life are already existing, then, to test if both life and DNA or cell are intellen or naturen, then, we need to find supports. Biological science had been reporting that cell, to function well, has seven (7) supports mechanisms or systems, or sometimes I called them, defense or repair mechanisms. Since seven (7) is greater than 3 as maximum limit of intelligence, then, the new ID categorized cell as important intellen. If God-Creator, as the Intelligent Agent, as the best candidate for that Intelligent Agent (IA) did it, then, this Agent had created cell so important! Life is so important!
Now, the new ID has also devised and invented new model, the Biological Interrelation, BiTs, to fight side by side, model vs model, head to head, science vs science with Biological Evolution. And BiTs discusses about the origin and change as we could witness and observe in reality, in biological world. And BiTs too uses the powerful science from the new ID, since I am both the same author of the two, thus, BiTs is forced to conclude, from the result of categorization of the biological cell as intellen cell, and the conclusion is that biological cell and its origin is intelligently created or designed, thus, Creationism, with respect to the origin of both life and cell, is the only correct explanation in Biology. Which further means that everything that we are seeing in biological world are guided intelligently - for life.
Well, some of you may say, "That is wrong and stupidity", but I had the basis of my explanation, as you read from above, thus, you either falsify my basis by conducting another new experiment showing that my understanding and discovery of intelligence is wrong, and let us compare. Or defeat me in the topic of intelligence, and you defeat me all. PUT UP, or SHUT UP!
Thus, either I am a stupid/moron or a genius.

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