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Author Topic:   Question about posting images
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10-18-2022 10:22 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Tanypteryx
10-17-2022 10:11 AM

Is there a way to post images if the file is not on a webpage or web gallery?
For example: I have a jpeg file, can I upload it to EvC and then link to it?
If your goal is to post a figure you have on your own PC in this forum, you can post to the figure to an online service and then link it here. There are free services that do this. I tried it with a service called Flickr and posted the image there and link it to this forum:
I had to set the image as public in order for the image to display EvC
The whole process of signing up for an account and playing with the app to get the image to upload and get the correct setting (public) for it to display here only took a few minutes.

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