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Author Topic:   Choosing a faith
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10-23-2022 9:05 AM
Reply to: Message 1089 by Percy
10-23-2022 7:21 AM

Re: What does God want of Us
That is one explanation. I would argue against based it on the basis that it is not consistent with the concept of survival of the fittest from evolution.
Then you don't understand evolution. Increasing one's differential reproductive success can be done in many, many more ways than bonking your competition over the head.

I think you are confused here, Percy. Bonking your competition over the head would be a selection pressure (akin to predation). An increase in an offspring's differential reproductive success can only happen in a small number of ways. Random adaptive mutations are one way. Recombination where adaptive alleles from both parents are passed to the offspring is another. And some type of lateral transfer of adaptive genetic material such as bacteriophage do occasionally is a third way. I wouldn't call that "many" let alone "many, many". But if you are aware of other ways of increasing reproductive fitness, let us know.

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