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Author Topic:   Visual Studio Code ... How To?
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07-14-2022 8:39 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by dwise1
07-14-2022 1:49 AM

I don't mind installing it if you think I could help, but I'm not sure I could. I love IDE's completion feature, but much of what else they do for you feels like things I'd prefer to manage myself, so except for XCode for Apple App development in Swift (whose innards are one of those enigmas wrapped in a mystery kind of thing) I don't use IDE's. I still prefer Emacs.
Just to go off in a random direction, I don't like git either because while it does the job, you have to do things its way, and its way feels like something a Gen Z-er might design after realizing better network level source control was needed but before learning anything about prior generations of source control programs. Git is both amazing and incredibly frustrating, and if anyone could ever satisfactorily explain Cocoa and all its derivatives like CocoaPods for me I'd be eternally grateful. It's like concepts have arisen since around 2000 that are completely foreign to me and for which I have no conceptual common base with which to gradually understand them. It's possible to use them without understanding them, but that's just by following rote procedures.
Sorry, I guess I have my own list of complaints about the direction things have gone. Generally it feels like they've taken much that was simple and understandable and made it incomprehensible. I wonder if this was the way machine coders felt back when assemblers were first coming on-line and then compilers. "But, but, there's machine code down there and you have no idea what it looks like or how it's all being knit together." And those issues *did* matter. I remember when someone finally proved around 1993 how horribly inefficient was the code produced by Sun c compilers (we switched to gnu), and over the next few years Sun made amazing strides at making their compilers generate incredibly efficient code, as well as providing more and better markers in the meta sections of their object files identifying just what exactly was each object.
Sorry, I'm rambling. Let me know if you want me to take a look at VS Code. It would be on a Mac.

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