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Author Topic:   Rebuttal To Creationists - "Since We Can't Directly Observe Evolution..."
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09-28-2022 11:28 AM
Reply to: Message 275 by Kleinman
09-28-2022 11:08 AM

Re: Video not available
Kleinman writes:
OK, here's Haldane's frequency equation again:
pnA + qna = 1
That's merely an identity. Since any locus can possess only one of A or a, then by definition p(A) + p(a) = 1 by definition.
Call the total amount of energy available in the glucose for survival and replication is "T". We can use units of Joules though I prefer the units of (stones*furlongs^2)/(fortnight^2). That energy is sufficient to support 495 million replications of his E. coli.
Where does the 495 million figure come from?
Now, let the amount of energy for a single replication of a p variant be er_p and the energy of replication of the q variant be er_q. Note that er_p < er_q and that energy difference is the selection parameter.
Selection is a function of expression and adaptation, not how much energy is used in microbiological processes. And could you either learn latex or at least how to do subscripts? Are you trying to say erp and erq?
And you're not deriving anything mathematically. You're simply declaring that the energy is erp and erq, so this is meaningless and I have no idea why you think it's useful as a conservation of energy equation. There's certainly no useful conclusions to be drawn from it:
(n_p*er_p)/T + (n_q*er_q)/T = 1

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