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Author Topic:   Rebuttal To Creationists - "Since We Can't Directly Observe Evolution..."
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12-27-2022 5:04 AM
Reply to: Message 2643 by Kleinman
12-19-2022 12:52 PM

On the other thread, in Evolution vs Intelligent Design, those supporters of Evolution cannot answer challenges on the topic of intelligence.
Kleinman, I read your article on probability of mutation in a given population. My name is Edgar Alberto Postrado, you can google me in the internet. I am the discoverer of intelligence.
Will you reconsider making a new probability, in where the limit will be the limit of intelligence?
Normally, the maximum Natural probability is 1, but the maximum limit of intelligence that I discovered is 3, and the minimum limit
of intelligence is 1.5. Through this, we can create new Probability Calculation, I called it "Intelligence Probability, iProb".
Will you help me formulate and derive formulas for this new probability Calculation, and let us submit the findings to any Mathematical journal?
The new Intelligent Design is making or creating new Probability calculation. I think that it will revolutionize the whole world, mathematics and science. And be very good in the topic of IA and engineering and many application, plus, falsifying Evolution.
I will explain to you how we can use that in real life, especially, in falsifying Evolution.
Please, answer me and let us change the world and science.
Let us kick out Evolution in science, and replace Evolution with my new theory,
Biological Interrelation, BiTs.
Hoping to join forces with you to uproot Evolution and help science.

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