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Author Topic:   The Light Time Problem
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Message 68 of 278 (893777)
04-19-2022 6:51 PM
Reply to: Message 66 by candle2
04-19-2022 5:30 PM

candle2 writes:
My empirical evidence is being produced
everyday. I take great pride in the fact
(and it is indeed a fact) that human
mother's produce human babies, and
that oak trees produce oak trees. Etc...
Based on God's word in Genesis, this
is exactly what an intelligent and reasonable
person would expect to see.
In fact, I boldly predict with 100% certainly
that next week; next month; next year; and
next century (if we are still going) that human
mother's will still be producing human babies.
The theory of evolution also states that the descendants of humans will always be humans. We share an ape ancestor with other apes, and all apes have always had ape babies. We share a mammal ancestor with other mammals, and mammals have always given birth to mammals. We share a vertebrate ancestor with other vertebrates, and vertebrates have always produced vertebrates.
Humans are apes, mammals, and vertebrates. Our ancestors will always be those things.
Are you aware that diamonds can be created
in the lab in just a couple of months? There is
no need to waitillions of years.
Oil can be produced in minutes with a little
algae and water. Again, no need to wait
millions of years for a can of it.
Are you saying the Earth is only minutes to months old? If not, how is this relevant?
If you want to actually disprove the methods used to date the Earth, then show us a zircon that builds up large quantities of lead from the decay of uranium over a span of a few months. We will also need to see secular equilibrium between the intermediate decay products.
Why do evolutionists ignore the best proved
law of physics--law of increasing entropy. The
second Law of Thermodynamics applies not
only in physical and chemistry, but in biological
and geological. They all lose order.
Evolutionary systems are expected to increase
in order and complexity. However, no exception
to the 2nd Law has ever been found.
If entropy could never decrease then refrigerators wouldn't work. Refrigerators do work. Perhaps you need to learn what the 2nd law actually says.
The 2nd law allows for local decreases in entropy if energy is put into the system. This is why a temperature gradient can form (i.e. decrease in entropy) across the walls of a refrigerator when you pump energy into the refrigerator. In the very same way, that massive fireball pumping energy into Earth's system allows for entropy to decrease on the Earth.
Are you aware that over 3,000,000,000 sets
(Pairs) of genetic letters make up the human
genome? Or that each human has more than
10 billion miles of DNA?
I want to see your proof--you do have it, don't
you? You sure talk like you do.
Yes, I have the evidence. One piece of that evidence is the pattern of substitution mutations that separate different species. That pattern is exactly what we would expect to see from common ancestry and the observed natural process that produce mutations.
Human Genetics Confirms Mutations as the Drivers of Diversity and Evolution – EvoGrad
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Evolution zealots say that vestigial structure
are proof that evolution is true. What a crock.
why would evolutionary processes have created
these structures in the first place if they were
not needed?
They were needed when they first evolved. They become rudimentary once they are no longer needed.
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Message 172 of 278 (894209)
05-06-2022 6:12 PM
Reply to: Message 166 by candle2
05-06-2022 11:16 AM

candle2 writes:
Polystrata consists of fossils, mostly trees, but
also animals, that extend upright through multiple
geologic layers. Supposedly with each layer being
millions of years old.
Can you name even one verified polystrate tree where the layers have been dated? I have yet to meet a creationist who can name a single one.
In any event, the so-called geologic column, which
is/was based on assumption, was blown away by
Mt. St. Helen's (MSH), as was the concept of
Was this the same event that produced polystrate trees without needing a worldwide flood? Mt. St. Helens poses a serious problem for YEC and flood geology because it demonstrates how these formations don't require a worldwide flood.

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 Message 166 by candle2, posted 05-06-2022 11:16 AM candle2 has not replied

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