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Author Topic:   All About Biblical Kinds
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02-08-2022 11:33 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by MrIntelligentDesign
01-29-2022 7:01 PM

Evolution between kinds observed!
Two researchers at Uppsula University, north of Stockholm, Sweden have now definitively observed the evolution of one kind into a radically different kind. Professors Katarina Frye and Pilar Butterfield have observed, in a remarkably short time period, the evolution of a worm kind into a bird kind. The worm was unusual in having many pairs of short, stubby legs and feasted on green leaves, indicating it had the ability to digest cellulose. The bird, on the other hand, had filamentous wings and a long proboscis and ate plant nector. The biology community, which is very excited by this discovery, has named the two species after the researchers: The worm form has been named Katar pilar and the bird form Butter frye. The latest report from this lab is the discovery of a fish kind that rapidly evolves into an amphibian kind, this discovery by the professor’s two graduate students Theodore Lavi and Ranah Polle.

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