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Author Topic:   The Power of the New Intelligent Design...
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11-08-2022 5:57 AM
Reply to: Message 463 by mike the wiz
05-24-2022 12:41 PM

So to put my argument in syllogism form Mr ID, I would put it like this;

If a sophisticated object has all the features of intelligent design it is intelligently designed.

Lifeforms are sophisticated with all the features of ID.

Therefore lifeforms are designed.

So that's classically what I have argued.

And that argument is invalid. You fail in your argumentation for the simple reason that you fail to demonstrate that design is the only way in which a living organism can acquire all these features. The sheer fact that there is an alternative explanation - the theory of evolution - that fits all known facts better than yours invalidates your argument (or lack thereof).

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