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Author Topic:   There are easy creationist answers to problems evolutionists pose
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05-25-2021 3:30 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by mike the wiz
03-28-2021 8:14 AM

mike the wiz writes:
I am not so much talking about complicated or difficult matters but rather SIMPLE matters, where there are actually very simple, straight forward solutions to the "problems" evolutionists pose.
Easy answers to SIMPLE matters?
Sure - everyone can answer those.
Who cares?
What about answer to the REAL matters, though? Like:
  1. The Problem of Evil.
    aka - If God is perfect (all-powerful and always-benevolent), then why are things not perfect?
    If disease and defect arise over time - then God's creation isn't perfect, right? As a perfect creation would not generate disease and defect, even over time.
    If disease and defect arise because of The Fall - then God's creation isn't perfect, right? As a perfect creation would not fail it's very first test.
    -either God isn't powerful enough to create life without having disease and defects arising, or God isn't benevolent enough to care
  2. Usage of the term Kinds.
    Follow the logic:
    If Kinds are defined as the creature's God made
    ...and God made all life
    ...and all life is classified well under a phylogenetic classification system
    ...but Kinds do not line up with a phylogenetic system well and add a lot of unexplainable confusion
    ...and the phylogenetic system is very useful and helpful when studying all the life we see
    ...and Kinds are not useful or helpful when studying all the life we see
    ...then why use the word "Kinds" at all when studying any of the life we see?
  3. Global Flood.
    Not only is there evidence that conflicts with the idea of a flood while humans are alive (whenever evidence of a flood is found, evidence of people-living-elsewhere-at-the-same-time is also found.)
    There is also no evidence that the entire Earth was ever under water at the same time (there just doesn't seem to have ever been enough water on the planet to make this happen.)

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