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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   In Memoriam: RAZD
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06-05-2020 9:46 PM

I was looking forward to his take on developing situations.
I have had a hellish year, and the worst part is more about others, but I am involved. I made a quick post, about the future world, that RAZD would not be able to see. That post was just after I saw that the cancer thread, on June 4, had the horrific news about his passing.
I forgot to mention the alternative energy developments , especially solar.
I noticed my omission, not too long after my post.
In normal times , I would not have forgotten.
RAZD was quite involved with the dirt and mud, hands on experience , of many of the developing issues WHICH ARE MAJOR ISSUES in the broader time we are living in.
He was a valuable player in our times, though he won't get recognition he deserves.
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