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Author Topic:   Login Problems
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05-19-2020 2:42 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by kjsimons
05-18-2020 4:08 PM

It would be interesting to see which special character was the offending one. It's possible one of you devices is using a different character encoding then the others and that one of the special characters is encoded differently. Just the musings of a software developer.
Might have nothing to do with the problem, yet again it might be related.
Years ago I was involved on a C Programming forum. A student had a simple program that would not compile -- kept throwing an unexpected character error. Just looking at it, nobody could see anything wrong; it was that simple of a program. So I copy and pasted it into a local file and tried to compile it. Sure enough, I got the exact same unexpected character error, quotation marks exactly where they belonged. Looking at a hex dump of the source code, instead of the ASCII code for double quotes (34) I saw some kind of extended codes (something like 198). That's when I realized that the kid had used a word processor instead of a text editor.
An additional wrinkle is that some fonts show no difference between certain characters. An example of a bogus URL would be where "fullerton" is replaced with "ful1erton"; in some common fonts they would appear identical. I could never figure out a former brother-in-law's email address because a capital I looked like a lower-case l which looked like the numeral 1 -- I always had to copy and paste it from an old email (never thought of doing a hex dump).

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