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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Time Dilation, the Hubble Shift and God's Eternal Universe
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06-10-2018 6:17 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Captcass
06-08-2018 1:38 PM

Captcass writes:
I am posting here in the hopes that the spiritual folks here will bring it to the attention of spiritual scientists, who will then spread it on through the Godless scientific community. Of course the Godless mainstream Big Bang journals will not touch it.
I am not in any way at all qualified to comment on this whole topic. I would as a Christian like to comment on the part that I have quoted.
Firstly, those statements are not at all conducive to inviting respectful dialogue.
Secondly calling the scientific community godless is wrong. The scientific community by several studies is just as likely to be theistic, or even Christian, as the overall community.
Thirdly, science isn't about finding God, but it is about finding the processes that have resulted in this universe and the life in it that we experience. We can argue about whether it is all of divine origin or not, but that is a very different discussion.
Welcome to EvC.
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