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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Religion or Science - How do they compare?
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05-17-2018 11:52 AM
Reply to: Message 252 by Phat
05-17-2018 11:16 AM

Re: What It Means To Be A Christian
Phat writes:
To claim that we are Christians and yet also claim that we have no idea Who God is or whether GOD even exists is an insult to the name Christian.
Try this:
A Christian is someone who wants to follow Christ and do good through God.
An honest Christian realizes that they do not know who God is or even if God exists because there is no evidence. But, despite this, the honest Christian continues to search for God and do good through God as best they can.
An honest Christian realizes that there is no "easy set of rules" laid out on how to be good through God. No one "has the answer!" that will always work for all situations because such an answer is impossible because of the complexities of different possible situations and different possibilities that could work.
Being good though God takes constant focus, learning and a willingness to say "oh... that wasn't good, but this is... I'll try to do this from now on!"
A Christian must continue to focus on God and doing good through God and attempt to get better at those ideas in any way they possibly can.
What's so bad about a Christian like that?
This whole idea that a bunch of ancient fables and mythos created by man only means that we are charged to do our best for each other is admittedly logical and reasonable apart from the fact that your Sunday school class mentions God only as an ancient myth created by humans. Not acceptable.
Fair enough. I'll spit upon that Straw Man too. I don't think anybody intends for anyone to do such a thing.
But what about the whole idea of an honest Christian honestly trying to search for God and do good through God as best they can?
Adapting, learning and having the courage to accept the facts that are available and continue to have faith and continue to search for God and do good through God as best they can?
Is that an acceptable path to claim to be Christian?

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