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Author Topic:   A Game of Pretend: Vapor Canopy and magnetic fields
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01-16-2018 1:16 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by OverallyEvolvedAPE
01-15-2018 3:49 PM

Re: sunspots and tree ring data
My two questions are how thick would the canopy have to be to block cosmic rays? What formulas are needed to figure this out? I know from reading that there are several problems with the vapor canopy, so it's not even viable, but like I said pretend and show how crazy it really is.
The idea that the amount of C-14 depends on the amount those variables is seemingly an easy attack vector for carbon dating. And if the amount of Carbon varies, then Carbon dating is not reliable. I believe it is feasible for the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to be much lower in the past. If that happened in a way that was not corrected for then carbon dating would give ages that are too old.
The main problem is that we know that such was not the case. We have data other such as ice-cores, and c-14 in tree rings that allow us to calibrate the amount of C-14 to ages. And the data shows us that the speculative stuff you are talking about did not happen in the relevant time frame. Carbon dating with some calibration for the variations in C-14 that we know about is accurate for at least 30,000 years of dating from today.
I don't think your plan show the implausibility of the vapor canopy or the impossibility of lowered cosmic rays is what I would use to address dating.
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