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Author Topic:   A Test Of Science And Evolution Knowledge
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07-04-2017 2:58 PM
Reply to: Message 32 by Modulous
07-03-2017 3:29 PM

Anyway, you'll find the lizard fossils in the Carboniferous, before the Permian and Triassic - see Hylonomus. It came after Westlothiana, which seems to have a mix of amphibious and reptillian/amniote features. See also: Casineria - also showing a mix of characteristics - exhibiting the characteristics of, dare I say, a 'transition' between the two groups.
These are not obscure fossils, so one wonders - how did you miss them when you wrote what you wrote? I suggest you are simply not motivated to find them as they contradict or complicate your thesis.
In Mike's defence, those aren't lizards. Not every small scaly quadruped is a lizard. Although given that's he's been happy to assign fossils of other extinct groups to modern groups they superficially resemble maybe I shouldn't be defending on this.
On the topic, it's not at all clear that understanding of evolution is correlated with acceptance of it. I am not denying that most creationists have little understanding of the topic; but rather noting that most evolutionists have little understanding either (with the clarification that 'evolutionist' means someone who would answer yes when you ask them if they think people evolved from earlier animals, rather than evolutionary biologists).
In the US (I haven't seen similar studies elsewhere), religious belief and political affiliation correlate with belief in evolution much more strongly than education or knowledge.

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