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Author Topic:   Home sapiens older than we realized
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06-07-2017 9:30 PM

I shocked an Ethiopian immigrant just recently.
This was somebody that I had talked to off and on for months, but I told him that he was obviously a Semitic Ethiopian ( he never said where he was from, but Semitic Ethiopians have very distinct and unmistakable faces ) months later during a conversation. This was no big deal at all.
But he then started talking about alot of issues ( and they were nothing I really brought up ,they seemed to be taking my language questions in quite a far off direction into human history ) and one comment he made was something like, "supposedly the ancestor of man was discovered in the town I was born in " , and he was really talking about a large ton of historical issues ( I noticed he was wrapping history into a Christian outline though he covered a ton of stuff ) .
When I got to talk, I mentioned that he was probably from Afar.
He was about as shocked as a genuinely shocked person could be. He was wondering how I knew because he considered Afar a small town that he never mentions to people. He earlier said that he was from a much larger city that he lived in when in Ethiopia.
I told him that he gave it away with a small line he threw in earlier and then explained that this discovery is a very important piece of evolutionary history - very much well known. The Latin name was well known ( southern ape of Afar or AustraloPithecus Afarensis ) .
He didn't seem to know just how much it is seen as not just another find and not just another so so theory.

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