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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   the variety and evolution of reproduction methods over time.
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10-23-2017 1:37 PM
Reply to: Message 18 by Davidjay
05-30-2017 10:53 PM

For your sake I suggest you not proceed....
Your choice your responsibility.... no one gets away with mocking God for long...No one as in NO ONE.
There is nothing more hilarious than Christians pretending to be terrorists. Faith also does it all the time. When they have no reasonable defense they pull their plastic sword and shield out of the toy box and threaten torture on everyone in their vicinity not currently agreeing with them. I call it the Fangs behind the smile.

"...heck is a small price to pay for the truth"

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 Message 18 by Davidjay, posted 05-30-2017 10:53 PM Davidjay has not replied

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