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Author Topic:   Laws happened by accident ? and did Laws evolve ?
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04-25-2017 9:38 AM
Reply to: Message 91 by Tanypteryx
04-24-2017 4:36 PM

Tanypteryx writes:
Davidjay writes:
And as any true biologist knows, the FIRST LAW of Biology of the Creator, was be fruitful and multiply...
It is interesting that biologists working in all the different biological fields almost never see a need to call themselves "true biologists". It is even more interesting that I have never seen the "FIRST LAW of Biology of the Creator" listed in a single biology textbook or anywhere else for that matter in my whole life.
I may be wrong, but judging from what you have babbled so far, I think you just made that up.
It is also interesting to note that this FIRST LAW is broken many, many times.
In fact, 99.9% of all living things ever were not fruitful and did not multiply. They died out and did not survive.
This "law" is only followed by 0.01% of creatures that ever existed, and generally it's followed quite poorly.
I don't think Davidjay understands what the use of the term "Law" means in science.
*A scientific "Law" isn't something you try to achieve or else something bad happens... that's more of a guideline.
*A scientific "Law" is something that is simply impossible to change.
Like gravity... you can apply a force stronger than gravity in order to counter-balance or even overcome the force of gravity.
But you cannot "not follow" the Law of gravity. It's there, it exists, for everyone, for all time.
This FIRST LAW of biology of Davidjay's seems to be something almost all creatures simply ignored their entire lives. Not overcame or overpowered or dealt with, but simply ignored... like it wasn't even there. As if it wasn't really a "law" in the first place.
It doesn't seem to be much of a guideline even... let alone a law.
It is not possible for any living (or dead) thing to "ignore" the law of gravity. You can't just turn it off and deal with the consequences. That's why it's a law... because it cannot be 'turned off.'
* much as the term "Law" is used scientifically, anyway...

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Posts: 4295
From: Ontario, Canada
Joined: 12-02-2004

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04-26-2017 8:24 AM
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04-26-2017 1:39 AM

Re: Next.

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