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Author Topic:   Earliest life may be up to 4.28 billion years old.
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03-02-2017 1:52 PM
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03-02-2017 9:58 AM

Re: Lots of rock
But that red rock, to my untrained-amateurish eyes, looks like the same red rock that covers most of Northern Ontario too.
That is... the rock dubbed The Canadian Shield.
It is, indeed, part of the Canadian Shield; as this includes some of the largest known areas of exposed Archaean rock (meaning rock more than 2,500 million years old) in the world. Found a nice map on a blog about geology. The grey bits are surface exposures of rocks formed in the Archaean. These fossils(?) were found just on the eastern edge of Hudson bay.
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11-30-2019 4:31 AM
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03-18-2017 8:05 AM

Re: Links and Information is not a debate forum
I happened to read an article yesterday which reported that this discovery had been shown to be likely the result of volcanic activity and nothing to do with bacteria. I went to dig out the source of this claim, in D. Wacey, M. Saunders, and C. Kong, ‘Remarkably preserved tephra from the 3430 Ma Strelley Pool Formation, Western Australia: Implications for the interpretation of Precambrian microfossils’, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 487, pp. 33—43, Apr. 2018..
In defence of the idea that the Canadian discovery was volcanogenic in origin, they invited me to compare their fig 2c, with fig 2e from the original paper. I have done so below.
I can't honestly say this exercise has left me feeling particularly enlightened.

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