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Author Topic:   A very brief history of Human Life
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02-04-2017 1:39 PM

It's painfully obvious Christians are not pro-life, they are pro-straight, white, christian fetuses.
It's obvious the sanctity of life evaporates upon delivery of Muslim baby's, it's dangerous, you see it as a threat, you applaud it's expulsion from the country.
The sanctity of life does not count if that life comes out as LGBTQ, you condemn, harass and srtip it of it's civil liberty's.
If that life comes out brown, it's parents don't speak English, expel it, build a wall.
If that life comes out poor, deny it healthcare, under fund it's schools, build private prisons and applaud it's death penalty.
Onward! South Of Heaven!

Member (Idle past 1526 days)
Posts: 158
From: MT, USA
Joined: 06-15-2013

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02-04-2017 3:40 PM
Reply to: Message 13 by Theodoric
02-04-2017 3:17 PM

Re: It's a human being at every stage of life
But if a fertilized egg is human life with all the rights and privileges, we need to be able to accurately account for each and every one. We need to hold mothers accountable for any behavior that threatens the human life she is carrying.
This s Faith's argument taken to is logical end.
Lock her up!.. Absurdism!

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