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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Creation
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05-06-2016 8:55 AM
Reply to: Message 154 by ICANT
05-04-2016 12:51 AM

Re: Implications of Gap Theory
All these people perished in whatever happened that caused the condition found in Genesis 1:2
I am confused by your position here. Genesis 5 presents a continuous genealogy that records from Adam to Noah with ages for all of the characters, no mention of a break where all the people you mention are wiped out in whatever happened in Gen 1:2.
Also you skip all of Genesis 1 after verse 2 in your chronology. Why?

Whoever calls me ignorant shares my own opinion. Sorrowfully and tacitly I recognize my ignorance, when I consider how much I lack of what my mind in its craving for knowledge is sighing for... I console myself with the consideration that this belongs to our common nature. - Francesco Petrarca
"Nothing is easier than to persuade people who want to be persuaded and already believe." - another Petrarca gem.
Ignorance is a most formidable opponent rivaled only by arrogance; but when the two join forces, one is all but invincible.

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