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Author Topic:   No tipping?
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10-15-2015 4:10 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Percy
10-14-2015 9:01 PM

Rules for Tipping
My rules for tipping is that they have to sit me, bring me water, ask if I want something else to drink, bring me a menu, take my order, bring my order to me, check in at least once, and bring me my check. If one of those things are missing, then the tip is in doubt. Of course, this excludes the pizza guy who brings food to my house.
If I have to go to a counter and order, no tip. If I call in the order and pick it up, no tip. If it's a buffet, no tip.
But today brings the news that a major restauranteur in New York City will be eliminating tipping in all its restaurants by the end of next year (Danny Meyer Restaurants to Eliminate Tipping). The last bastion of tipping certitude, gone! Or at least it will be if this catches on.
What I would be curious about is if the waiters are being compensated in keeping with their peers at restaurants of equal quality.

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