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Author Topic:   Scalia is a Scoundrel
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07-18-2015 6:18 PM

Whatever it was, it's a Tax now
Is it worth pointing out that the 1040 I filled out in February listed Health care: individual responsibility under 'Other Taxes'?
It would seem that whatever the hell it was when it became law, the fee paid to the government for failure to carry health insurance is most certainly a tax and has most certainly been a tax since it was first collected.

Love your enemies!

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07-19-2015 9:05 PM
Reply to: Message 67 by foreveryoung
07-19-2015 8:36 PM

Re: how can the Supreme Court make an unconstitutional decision?
To me, to describe a thing as constitutional is to say it is something the Federalist papers would approve of.
That's an odd thing to think since the Federalist Papers aren't the Constitution.

Love your enemies!

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