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Author Topic:   What to say if you met God/god/Gods/gods
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06-05-2017 11:10 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Tangle
02-06-2015 9:24 AM

Atheists and ********* need to stop excusing their errors
Ha, what an excuse of a whimp.
Fry should have known from the massive amount of evidence that Lord has given.... its FRY's fault for being so deceived, but as per usual the atheists and evolutionists always want to blame and accuse the Lord for their mistakes. They are whimps.
I mean the Holy Spirt whispers in their ears day and night and still they reject the truths spoken.... they see the truths in every waking hour and yet they deny the truths
And go back to excusing themselves..
"You should have given me more evidence."
So the real question is what the Lord of Creation said to this whimpy excusing Fry person.... who wanted more and more evidence even though atheists and evolutionists deny deny deny more evidence and more math and more prophecy, and more truths.
They need to buck up and get real.... and take the responsibility for their actions or lack of actions.
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Evolution is not science. It did not create life nor did it diversify life. It didn;t create the laws that exist nor did it create science. It is a religion and not Science.
Intelligent design always defeats evolutions lack of design and lack of intelligence. Luck and Chance is not a scientific doctrine,

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 Message 1 by Tangle, posted 02-06-2015 9:24 AM Tangle has not replied

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Posts: 1026
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06-08-2017 7:32 PM

Godly people are AWE STRUCK
To answer the original question, most people in biblical history shut their mouths and fell on their faces when meeting with the Lord or with any of His Angels. They were in total awe and RESPECT, and almost speechless.....
As for the evil gods and devils, people who meet them, usually already agree with them and follow their principles, and so their meeting is much more agreeable.... and pleasant as they conspire to do evil together.
If a godly person is confronted with these evil ones, he or she discerns it immediately from experience and wisdom and is not tricked or seduced, and just blasts the hell out of them with the power of the Lord and HIS WORD.
There .......answer given and mystery solved.
Or study and know thru experience and faith
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Thanks to the webmasters HERE for allowing me to defeat atheists and evolutionists HERE, and show they have no math, no science backing them up and that they are totally dependant on semantics and luck and chance as their only support for their religion. Thanks again...

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