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Author Topic:   Instructions for Proposing a New Topic
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04-13-2004 3:08 AM

Hello, EvC Forum Member! Welcome to the Proposed New Topics forum!
You've come here because you want to begin a new topic. All new topics for the Main Topic forums must begin life here in the [forum=-25] forum. Moderators will review your topic proposal and either release it, or make revision suggestions that they'd like to see before releasing it. You and the moderators may even go through several review/revision cycles. Once your proposal is satisfactory, it will be released to one of the Main Topic forums.
If one of the suggestions is a change in title, please realize that topic titles cannot be changed by members at this time. A moderator can change the title when the topic is released.
Only the final revision of the proposed topic will be released. The other messages of the thread that contain the dialogue between the proposer and moderators will be archived to the Proposed Topics archive.
Topic proposals that have received revision suggestions from moderators will be given a week or two for a response, then they too will be archived.
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