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Author Topic:   Homosexuality and Evo, Creo, and ID
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05-20-2014 2:11 PM
Reply to: Message 253 by Faith
05-14-2014 4:44 AM

Re: Courts strike down anti-gay maraige in Arkansas and Idaho
A few posts above Dr A is mocking the plight of Christian business owners who have been targeted by Gay Rights advocates to punish them for refusing to provide services that would imply approval of gay marriage, which would violate their consciences.
You dont have a right to be a dick. That is not nor should it be protected by anything. These xian shopkeepers and other business-owners are just that, dicks and they should be ridiculed and scorned not because of their faith but for their heinous discrimination.

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 Message 253 by Faith, posted 05-14-2014 4:44 AM Faith has not replied

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