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Author Topic:   Why flood geology doesn't work, oil exploration as the example
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03-15-2014 9:07 AM
Reply to: Message 41 by Faith
03-15-2014 3:34 AM

Re: More fantasy
Well, I got the seepage idea from Wikipedia. Guess I'll have to stop relying on noncreationist sites.
It would be a better idea to start understanding noncreationists sites, and stop making things up.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in the Wikipedia article on evaporites that indicates formation by seepage into the ground. On the contrary, the article mentions only one possible method of formation:
Although all water bodies on the surface and in aquifers contain dissolved salts, the water must evaporate into the atmosphere for the minerals to precipitate. For this to happen, the water body must enter a restricted environment where water input into this environment remains below the net rate of evaporation. This is usually an arid environment with a small basin fed by a limited input of water. When evaporation occurs, the remaining water is enriched in salts, and they precipitate when the water becomes supersaturated.
The only occurrence of the string "seep" in the article is:
Thick non-marine deposits that accumulate tend to form where evaporation rates will exceed the inflow rate, and where there is sufficient soluble supplies. The inflow also has to occur in a closed basin, or one with restricted outflow, so that the sediment has time to pool and form in a lake or other standing body of water. ... Evaporite depositional environments that meet the above conditions include:
Non-basin areas fed exclusively by groundwater seepage from artesian waters
Example environments include the seep-mounds of the Victoria Desert, fed by the Great Artesian Basin, Australia
which refers to water seeping into the depositing environment slower than the evaporation rate.
There's no way to form an evaporite by adding water.

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03-15-2014 1:48 PM
Reply to: Message 50 by Faith
03-15-2014 11:36 AM

Re: Percy: Please Stop Your Straw Man Arguments
You did not find an article that said salinity is increased by seepage. You did not find an article that said evaporites form by seepage into the ground. You saw the word "seepage" somewhere and made up a ridiculous story based on your inability to understand simple written English.. 9

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 Message 50 by Faith, posted 03-15-2014 11:36 AM Faith has not replied

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03-26-2016 8:32 AM
Reply to: Message 77 by PrimeEvil
03-25-2016 4:20 PM

Re: Faith-Based Stratigraphy
Faith has flounced out.
The reference is "anything needed to support my claims must have happened".
Edited by JonF, : No reason given.

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 Message 77 by PrimeEvil, posted 03-25-2016 4:20 PM PrimeEvil has not replied

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