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Author Topic:   Why flood geology doesn't work, oil exploration as the example
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03-15-2014 6:48 AM
Reply to: Message 42 by Faith
03-15-2014 3:40 AM

Re: age
There's been no tectonic activity in my neck of the woods for at least 2 billion years. OTOH there is very clear evidence of an ice age some 12000 to 9000 years ago and also straightforward evidence of what hundreds of millions of years of erosion can accomplish.
You are to be commended, Faith. You are diligent and hard-working but all in all when you are as wrong as can be in your premise, all that hard work comes to nought. It is EXACTLY as if I were to try and explain weather and climate on the premise that Harry Potter stories with witches and wizards are in fact real.

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