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Author Topic:   Why flood geology doesn't work, oil exploration as the example
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03-11-2014 11:23 AM

Glenn Morton
Here is what Glenn Morton had to say on the issue:
But eventually, by 1994 I was through with young-earth creationISM. Nothing that young-earth creationists had taught me about geology turned out to be true. I took a poll of my ICR graduate friends who have worked in the oil industry. I asked them one question.
"From your oil industry experience, did any fact that you were taught at ICR, which challenged current geological thinking, turn out in the long run to be true? ,"
That is a very simple question. One man, Steve Robertson, who worked for Shell grew real silent on the phone, sighed and softly said 'No!' A very close friend that I had hired at Arco, after hearing the question, exclaimed, "Wait a minute. There has to be one!" But he could not name one. I can not name one. No one else could either. One man I could not reach, to ask that question, had a crisis of faith about two years after coming into the oil industry. I do not know what his spiritual state is now but he was in bad shape the last time I talked to him.
Old Earth Creation Science Testimony - Why I Left Young Earth Creationism, by Glenn Morton
I think it is important to mention that Morton started out as a YEC. He was a contributor to papers written for the ICR, the lead YEC group. After being exposed to the evidence in the field of geology, he simply could not hold that position any longer. In that essay, he also discusses evidence that he discovered in his work, such as buried eroded mountains and river systems in seismic imaging.

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03-13-2014 12:03 PM
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03-13-2014 7:03 AM

Re: Glenn Morton
I know about Morton, and have seen through some of his stuff, thanks anyway.
ABE: But I don't want this to become a debate thread so that's the last I'll say on this subject and hope you will drop it too. /ABE
Perhaps you could discuss this further in another thread, if you feel up to it.
Just as another data point, Zion Oil and Gas is a company driven by their interpretation of scripture, a heavily Zionist interpretation.
"I believe Zion Oil & Gas was ordained by G-d for the express purpose of discovering oil and gas in the Land of Israel and to bless the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and the body of Christ (Isaiah 23:18 NIV). I believe that G-d has promised in the Bible to bless Israel with one of the world’s largest oil and gas fields, and this will be discovered in the last days before the Messiah returns and that it will be found on the Joseph License and the Asher/Menashe License, both being on the Head of Joseph (Genesis 49:1-2 and 22-26)"--Josh Brown
Zion Oil and Gas - RationalWiki
However, even they have hired real geologists that do not use flood geology. If memory serves, they did try to use flood geology early on, but it has been totally thrown out now. If there was going to be an oil company that used flood geology it would be Zion, and they aren't.

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03-21-2014 3:43 PM
Reply to: Message 67 by lokiare
03-21-2014 9:27 AM

The salt could have formed by underground heat evaporating the moisture which escaped in near microscopic vents (which are quite common). That's my unresearched response just off the top of my head.
This would produce salt crystals that are dispersed in other sediments. That is not what we see. Instead, we see deposits that are nearly 100% salt, like in this photo:
This is consistent with surface evaporation, not removal of water from clay.

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