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Author Topic:   Creationist inconsistency when inferring relatedness
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11-16-2013 12:27 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by herebedragons
11-16-2013 12:17 PM

I think you are attributing a rationality to creationist thinking that is not actually present. Humans are different kinds from other animals because the Bible says they were created separately.
After that the Bible says very little about created kinds or kinds of animals loaded on the ark. But if in fact there were a mention in the Bible of separate creation of lions and cheetahs, then those similarities would be meaningless by fiat.
Now regarding inconsistency, what gets me is how they reject "macroevolutionary" changes as being an impossibility, but propose the idea that a "created kind" could rapidly adapt to become 1000's of modern species in just a few thousand years.
This inconsistency is the rule not the exception.

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