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Author Topic:   Why "YEC"/Fundamentalist Creationism is BAD for America
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11-15-2013 5:35 PM
Reply to: Message 21 by Dr Adequate
11-15-2013 10:42 AM

Dumb Honor Student
It is very clear what is going on in that case. It has nothing to do with "liberals" or any other rant of Faiths.
The rules obviously are: If you have a grade point average of (pick a number but they picked) 3.15 then you are an "honor" student. It never occurred to anyone to think through some scenarios. And that you could get a 3.15 and yet fail a subject or two.
Not a big deal at all. Not even newsworthy to me. Just something to fix for the next round of reporting. I.e., A GPA of 3.15 or higher an no single subject less than a GPA of 2 perhaps.
Sorry, Dr A, I think that was a long winded way of saying -- I agree with you.

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Posts: 9006
From: Canada
Joined: 04-04-2003

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11-17-2013 11:11 AM
Reply to: Message 47 by Tangle
11-17-2013 3:36 AM

Climate Correlations
Atheism has as much correlation with climate change as creationism has with sanity.
Without having any numbers to back me up I'd stick my neck out and say this is very wrong. Creationism, as a denial or reality, has a moderate to high negative correlation with sanity. On the other hand, atheists (I like to think) examine information and reason somewhat more rationally than many. Pedantically, this has nothing to do with "climate change" itself but it suggests to me that being an atheist will positively correlate with an acceptance of climate change as a reality.

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