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Author Topic:   Why "YEC"/Fundamentalist Creationism is BAD for America
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02-08-2014 8:01 PM
Reply to: Message 155 by Jaf
02-08-2014 7:19 PM

Re: You're not doing so well...
the problem is that YEC is not a monolithic venture. there are young earth creationists who acknowledge that the bible is their primary source, and others that like to pretend it's a purely scientific venture (that coincidentally agrees with their reading of the bible). similarly, there people here who only want to discuss science, the scientific objections to creationism, and the scientific ramifications. perhaps coyote is one of those people. there are others who are perfectly willing to talk about both religion and science, and still others who are primarily interested in the religious aspects.
and so here, we have multiple fora where we can discuss the purely scientific, the purely religious, and various degrees of combinations. this forum is in the "science forums" section, where science (and not the bible) is the primary driving force of the discussion; here we will discuss the bible only in so far as it relates to science, testable claims, etc. over in the "social and religious forums" section, we'll only talk about science in so far as it relates to the bible, but religious concerns are the primary driving factor.


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