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Author Topic:   The Specific Cause of the "Evolution vs. 'Creationism'" Controversy, and of the appar
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From: Brizzle
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09-18-2013 9:24 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by PaulGL
09-17-2013 12:44 PM

2. It is impossible to understand the Bible merely with the finite human mind alone, regardless of how much time and theology you employ to do so. The truths contained in the Bible must be REVEALED spiritually in order to be correctly understood mentally.
Yes, and I have a book here that you cannot understand with your puny human mind.. it tells how a boy wizard was sent from a magical school on a triple decker bus to save all of humanity from evil wizards. But you probably think it's just a work of fiction, because your finite human mind cannot comprehend.
...Lamb of God"... allegorical 'The New Jerusalem,
...the bride of the lamb'.... obviously allegorical.
ok.. so Burning bush? allegorical or not allegorical?
Talking snake? world wide flood? fishes and loaves? walking on water? coming back from the dead?... allegorical or not allegorical?
You use the word "Obviously" here, why is one story "Obviously" allegorical (genesis perhaps?) but not another? (Healing a blind man).
What is the test you apply to determine whether a fantastic story is allegorical?
Life like electricity, is abstract and mysterious: it cannot be analyzed and comprehended directly.
uh.. no. electricity is not abstract or mysterious. It is very well understood, and to a large extent controlled
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From: Brizzle
Joined: 09-20-2005

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09-18-2013 10:09 AM
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09-18-2013 9:31 AM

what can I say, I'm weak.. I couldn't help myself.

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