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Author Topic:   Is it egotistical to think that a God would die for you?
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06-17-2013 12:42 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Greatest I am
05-31-2013 1:09 PM

Just wamted to respond
Greatest I am writes:
Is it egotistical to think that a God would die for you?
I think it certainly can be. But it doesn't have to be.
If God actually did die for us (let's just there is incontrovertible evidence for this conclusion)... then it's not egotistical to think that He did... it's just acknowledging reality.
People who believe in the barbaric human blood sacrifice of the Triune Jesus/God must believe that the greatest force ever to exist decided that humans, lowly creations whom we are told are infinitely inferior to God, are somehow more important than God’s own life and that he would give it up for believers.
Seems like a logical conclusion.
But not all people are logical, or willing to follow such thought through.
And some do, but just think "there's something else to it" that we don't know about in a "God's ways are mysterious" sort of deal.
How is placing your own life above Triune Jesus/God’s showing a humble character as you think that he would die for you? That is taking self-pride to the maximum.
I agree that what you describe is not humble.
I don't think that many believers think that this situation describes them, though. I don't think they would agree that they "place their own life above God's" in any manner.
Maybe they just don't follow your logic, or maybe they think there are other factors involved that you haven't accounted for.
I'm just guessing...
Yet Christians who think they are moral will believe that God would do such a despicable thing as having his son killed even as scriptures say that God prefers repentance to sacrifice and does not believe in asking or accepting a ransom.
I think there's something in scriptures about God killing His son in order to stop all sacrificing... so that it doesn't have to happen anymore.
Personally, if I wanted to stop all sacrificing, I'd just simply stop it... not have one big finale or anything like that.
It's sort of like saying "lets all agree to end capital punishment throughout the world! We'll kill everyone in prison right now, and then there'll be no more need to ever kill again!"
Jesus' death didn't stop people from sacrificing animals or other people. Hell, it still happens today.
It may have stopped "the need for it" (or so they believe)... but "the need for it" could have stopped without killing Jesus anyway.
I don't really get it.
I do, however, fully get it if it's just a made-up story told by people to try and convince other people...
Is thinking that to believe that God would die for you the epitome of an inflated ego?
If not, what could possibly inflate an ego more than that?
I suppose you could think that 10 Gods would die for you...

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From: Ontario, Canada
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07-04-2013 2:20 PM
Reply to: Message 119 by ICANT
07-04-2013 1:52 PM

Non-egotistical possibilities
ICANT writes:
There was a space of 3 hours that God the Father separated Himself from God the Son that satisfied God the Father as a ransom to restore mankind to the same relationship that mankind had with God in the Garden when they walked and talked with God.
That does sound a bit egotistical.
Are there any other possible reasons that God may have separated Himself from Jesus for 3 hours for?
Let's assume that God is real.
And assume that Jesus is real.
And assume that They exist as depicted in the Bible.
And assume that the crucifixion happened.
And assume that the resurrection happened.
...but let's say that the Gospels may have been not-exactly-the-truth and involve a bit of human embellishment.
Can we think of any other possible reasons for the 3 hours of separation during the crucifixion that make sense?
(Provide your possibility and any reasoning behind it)
Possible Reason:
God was not pleased with Jesus' life and decided to separate for 3 hours as punishment
-God is known to punish others for things He finds distasteful
-Jesus was all about "fulfilling/correcting/replacing" the Old Testament... which was from God
Can you think of any others?

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