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Author Topic:   Delusions of Grandeur?
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05-08-2013 8:45 AM
Reply to: Message 22 by Spiritual Anarchist
05-07-2013 4:46 PM

Re: So Far So Good
Hi SA,
I see some problems with how you are going about explaining this. Most people here think you are your body/or brain and you can be explained using classical physics and chemistry. They think your awarness/consciousness results from chemical activity in your brain. They don't see the problems with this.
Here is a paper by Henry Stapp, Theoretical Physics Group at Laurence Livermore Labs, who has also worked with Pauli and Heisenberg. He goes through a step by step look about why the clasical physics approach doesn't work concerning the brain/mind/awareness and how QM does.
It may give you some better ideas on how to present your viewpoint.
This second paper by Mr. Stapp, easier reading, goes into a few QM ideas concerning consciousness. An interesting experiment is also presented.
Quantum Mechanical Theories of Consciousness
Since the observer is part of the math in QM, the papers show that your connection to that around you is probably much more profound then you think.
I can see your point on how this creates problems for both theists and atheists as both are based on a classical physics viewpoint. I'm here, you're there, and God is way way over there someplace, or I'm here, you're there, and God doesn't exist. The Buddhist and QM idea that you are related to or part of what you observe is much more interesting.
There is more I can say perhaps later, but I'd like to thank you for your first thread. It got me looking at QM and consciousness and there a quite a few more papers on the subject than the two I've posted.
P.S. Don't write long large blocks of type, break it up, it makes it much easier to read quickly
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