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Author Topic:   Do creationists try to find and study fossils?
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04-30-2013 10:53 AM

Info on fossil collecting on gov't land
A paleontologist must have a valid paleontological resource use permit before collecting or disturbing fossil resources on BLM-administered lands. Casual collecting (also called hobby collecting) of certain common invertebrate and plant fossils on BLM-administered lands is allowable without a permit. For more information about casual collecting, click here.
What qualifications must I have in order to receive a permit?
According to BLM policy handbook 8270-1 (chapter IV), the applicant must have received formal education and professional instruction in a field of paleontology equivalent to a Graduate Degree; and
must demonstrate past experience in collecting, analyzing, and reporting paleontological data, similar to the type and scope of work proposed in the application.
must demonstrate past experience in planning, equipping, staffing, organizing, and supervising crews performing work that is proposed in the application.
must demonstrate experience in carrying out paleontological projects to completion as evidenced by theses, research reports, scientific papers and similar documents.
must provide a valid and current repository agreement with a Federally approved museum repository.
In addition to being qualified, am I eligible to receive a permit from the BLM?
On lands administered by BLM Utah, in order to be eligible for a paleontological resource use permit the applicant must not:
engage in the business of buying, selling, or trading paleontological resources of a similar type that would be authorized by the permit.
have been convicted of a civil or criminal charge, or have charges pending, that are relevant to work that would be authorized by the permit.
Do I need a permit for researching and/or collecting invertebrate or plant fossils?
Casual collecting is allowed under BLM policy and is further authorized by the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA).
Casual collecting in Section 6301(1) of PRPA means "the collecting of a reasonable amount of common invertebrate and plant paleontological resources for non-commercial personal use, either by surface collection or the use of non-powered hand tools resulting in only negligible disturbance to the Earth's surface and other resources."
Research, however, is different than casual collecting. If you plan to do research on invertebrate and/or plant fossils you will need a permit. A permit will lend legitimacy to your work, allow you to exceed normal collection quotas, and allow the BLM to manage important paleontological resources using scientific principles and expertise. If the Bureau does not know where you are researching and what you're collecting it will not be able to preserve and protect the resource that scientists need to research. Please contact the BLM for more information.
So being a petroleum geologist for almost my entire adult life (36 years of expierence) I maybe able to get a survey/research permit based upon my work at USGS back in the 70's. No way they will give me an excavation permit. I would have to get that through one of the four Paleontologists I know and have worked with on occasion if they would be willing to accept legal responsibility for my actions in the field.
On private land you can do whatever with the land owners permission. About 90% of the land in Sublette County, Wy where I live is owned by the BLM or NFS.
Causal collecting is allowed, basically picking up fossils on the ground, or not disturbing more than 1 sq. meter of ground. Don't get caught with 100's of fossils and a large area dug up.
So it's going to be rather hard for an unqualified person to do origional research. However anyone can start an oil company, I did, and try and make themselves rich using Flood Geology. LOL
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