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Author Topic:   How Scientifically Literate Are You?
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05-01-2013 11:01 AM

To Frac
The verb "to frac" does not have a k in it. No glossary of oil and gas terms has the word frack in it. Frack is the result of screwball enviro-nuts and OPEC trying to make the word look like fuck.
I have designed and done frac jobs for over 35 years and it has been around since the late 1940's. Over a million wells in the US have been fraced with no problems. It's nothing new.
On oil rigs there are generally 2 tours, daylight tour 6am to 6pm and night tour 6pm to 6am. Now if you are ignorant you probably read the word "tour" as being like "Last year I took a tour of France". Tour in the oil field is pronounced "tower" as in "last week I worked "night tour(tower)"". It's the word our with a t in front of it.
The person who made the quiz up is from the east coast that's why they associated frac with gas and not oil. It is done on oil, gas and even water wells to increase production.
What is going on is we have gotten very good at drilling horizontally for 2 mile or so through a formation so that with many stages of fracing we can make very productive a well that if drilled vertically through would not be commercial. This is a worldwide game changer concerning oil and gas, it's why OPEC doesn't like it and feeds BS to the enviro-morons here in the states, and they go out protesting something they know nothing about.
Typical left lib crap.

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05-02-2013 7:27 AM
Reply to: Message 97 by roxrkool
05-01-2013 9:32 PM

Re: To Frac
Percy writes:
But according to Wikipedia, "frac" is a geologic term for fractures in rock formations,
Rox writes:
Interesting. I have never heard that term before.
It's an abbreviation used by American Stratigraphic Company and basically they set the standard for geologic abbreviations used for describing drill cuttings and cores. I also use them for measured sections as do many at the USGS.
frac is on page 6, I have an origional of this from back in the 70's in color.
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