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Author Topic:   In Memoriam - Buzsaw
Dr Jack
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From: Immigrant in the land of Deutsch
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11-14-2012 2:19 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Phat
11-13-2012 7:11 PM

Sad news
Rest in peace, Buzsaw

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New Cat's Eye
Inactive Member

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11-14-2012 2:49 PM
Reply to: Message 42 by Phat
11-14-2012 1:15 PM

Re: A snapshot of our past
I think that all of us would be embarrassed if our families read everything we have ever written....
For sure. I don't talk to my family about a lot of the things that we discuss here. I appreciate the openness we're granted from our anonymity.
On the other hand, since I enjoy the debate aspect of it, I'll take positions on a matter that I don't really "believe in" in order to hone my debate skills or even reassure that what I do believe in is in fact defensible.
I'm afraid that if a personal friend read some of my messages, they might get an inaccurate sense of my beliefs, or that they'd know more about me than I'd prefer to be open about publicly.
Its up to her and the family whether they end up reading all of Buzsaws many messages.
So far those reasons above, if Buz's wife and family are reading this, tread lightly as you delve into his posting history, if you do. And be careful because you don't know what you might find.
Regarding Buz, himself, I don't have anything bad to say about him. I didn't debate him much if at all. It’s hard to be liked in a relatively younger and far left leaning group like this is compared to Buz. But he remained calm and avoided being mean, and he kept coming back for more and he never gave up. I think that's commendable.

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11-14-2012 3:20 PM

Farewell Buz
I don't post very often here, but I read a lot of the science threads. I disagreed with almost everything Buz had to say, but I enjoyed reading his quirky views. I wondered what had happend to him and I will certainly miss him.
EvC was clearly an important part of his life for a long time and he was was a valued member of the EvC community.
Farewell Buz!

What if Eleanor Roosevelt had wings? -- Monty Python
One important characteristic of a theory is that is has survived repeated attempts to falsify it. Contrary to your understanding, all available evidence confirms it. --Subbie
If evolution is shown to be false, it will be at the hands of things that are true, not made up. --percy

Son Goku
Inactive Member

Message 49 of 110 (679595)
11-14-2012 4:35 PM

I was wondering where he was, sad to hear.
I have fond memories of Buz from the old Cosmology threads, trying to explain Relativity in a way that passed his common sense test. I never succeeded of course, but it was hard not to like him and he seemed like a fixed part of EVC.
I will miss the old fella.
Best wishes to family and friends.
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From: Liverpool
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11-14-2012 6:02 PM

I was so sorry to read that Buzz has died.
I can't say we ever agreed on anything but he fought his corner with tenacity and vigour.
My condolences to his family and I hope Buzz found what he was looking for.
Rest in peace Buzz.

The above ontological example models the zero premise to BB theory. It does so by applying the relative uniformity assumption that the alleged zero event eventually ontologically progressed from the compressed alleged sub-microscopic chaos to bloom/expand into all of the present observable order, more than it models the Biblical record evidence for the existence of Jehovah, the maximal Biblical god designer.
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Member (Idle past 3034 days)
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From: Dark Side of the Moon
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11-14-2012 7:15 PM

Later Buz
Ah this sucks, man. I guess we all have to go sometime, and 77 ain't all that bad, but I'll be sad to see the old dude go. He reminds me of my dad, who I don't agree with on one damn thing either. But I still have love for them and that generation of stubborn, old men.
His generation is slowly fading away - and while a part of me recognizes that as a good thing, the other part values who they were and will miss their take on different issues. Buz was always a source of entertainment here. He was fun to debate, even though in many cases it was more frustrating than educational. But that was expected. You knew when you entered in a debate with Buz you were in for the long haul. Drove me fucking nuts at times. But overall it was fun and I'd like to have one more chance at explaining to him why space is in fact curved.
Goodbye, Buz. You got out in time, just before Obama unleashed all the Muslims on America
- Oni
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From: god's waiting room
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Message 52 of 110 (679633)
11-14-2012 11:49 PM

i never did see what buz saw.
he'll certainly be missed. he was probably one of the most fun people to argue against here. i hope he died at peace, and happy. condolences to the family.

Inactive Member

Message 53 of 110 (679650)
11-15-2012 1:41 AM

Good Bye, Sir!
Never talked with the guy. Never debated him. Hardly ever read a word he wrote.
I miss him already

Love your enemies!

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Joined: 09-26-2002

Message 54 of 110 (679653)
11-15-2012 3:31 AM

Noting AdminBuz
Buzsaw also took a stab at the moderation effort - See the AdminBuzsaw topic index if you wish to explore his 668 messages posted as AdminBuzsaw.

Or something like that.

Son Goku
Inactive Member

Message 55 of 110 (679667)
11-15-2012 6:43 AM

How old?
How long was Buz a member? I know he joined the forum itself in 2003, but if I remember right some of you (Percy, crashfrog) were part of a "pre-EVC" or something on google groups or usenet maybe. Was Buz there back then?

Member (Idle past 3724 days)
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From: Doncaster, yorkshire, UK
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Message 56 of 110 (679676)
11-15-2012 8:01 AM
Reply to: Message 44 by cavediver
11-14-2012 1:48 PM

RIP Buz.....
Hi CaveDiver
And did we ever find out exactly what it was that Buz saw?
Sure - he saw God before us....and is with him now. As a hadcore atheist, some little part of me (almost) wishes he was right - just so he can be 'up' there smiling down on us. If ever a guy did deserve it surely Buz, the unfailingly polite creationist is that guy.
RIP Buz, this board will definitely be worse for your absence.

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Member (Idle past 495 days)
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From: frozen wasteland
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11-15-2012 11:32 AM

Buzsaw and I did agree on one thing - we both liked sardines.
He was the first to welcome me when I joined and the first to welcome me back after my "sabbatical". He was exasperating but I don't recall him ever being rude. I wish I could say I treated him as well as he treated me.
If he was right and he is up there somewhere, I'm sure he'll put in a good word for the rest of us.

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11-15-2012 4:25 PM

Ivan Cherry aka Buzsaw
I seriously would not have guessed.
What I would have guessed would have been, you know, Buzz something.
Then again, just so it's clear, my real name is not anything like "Raymond G. Amphibian" or whatever you guys are thinking. Who among us knew his real name? Phat, I guess you must have; I never learned it until a minute ago.

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Posts: 1522
From: Ky U.S.
Joined: 12-25-2009

Message 59 of 110 (679779)
11-15-2012 5:44 PM

I agreed with Buzsaw on most things - he and I never really "teamed up" however, for whatever reason. I always appreciated his several 'approvals' of my posts.
Thanks to everyone in this thread for the kind words about him.

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Message 60 of 110 (679783)
11-15-2012 6:09 PM
Reply to: Message 57 by ringo
11-15-2012 11:32 AM

ringo writes:
If he was right and he is up there somewhere, I'm sure he'll put in a good word for the rest of us.
He might have us spanked first.

"If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs, you can collect a lot of heads."

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