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Author Topic:   In Memoriam - Buzsaw
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11-13-2012 11:38 PM

Recently, it was pointed out (here and a couple of messages up-thread) that Buz had not posted in quite a while.
A few years ago (Oct. 2, 2009), Buz had e-mailed me regarding a "Who would you like to go out for a beer with?" type topic, which I haven't been able to track down. Anyway, part of what he wrote was:
Hi Moose. I'm honored to see that I'm one of the members which you would like to sit down with for a chat. I apprecieated the opportunity to exchange viewpoints with you on the thread in which we did our little dialogue. I just want you to know that you would have been my pick to meet and to sit down with a beer or lunch to meet and get to know.
{Added by edit on March 13, 2013 - Someone recently bumped the relevant topic. This message is the one Buz was referring to.}
In the process of exchanging e-mails, both our real world names were revealed. Having his name and knowing his general location gave me something to Google. Very little was found beyond the standard address and phone number that you can find for most anyone, but one item was something at I found no online obituary. I posted my findings in the Private Admin Forum.
Phat replied in the PAF that he also had e-mail correspondence with Buz, and his info meshed with what I had gathered. Phat then did the service of phoning and confirming Buz's death.
I'm not going to give out Buz's name, but the information I gathered included that he was a veteran, Airman First Class, and that he died Sept. 9, 2012, just past his 77th birthday. {Per message 1, he died 1 day short of his birthday. My info may be a bit off} His most recent forum message was Aug. 22, 2012.
We had the worlds slowest "Great Debate" going (What variety of creationist is Buzsaw? (Minnemooseus and Buzsaw only)). Started in June 2006 and last posted to in July 2012, it accumulated a whopping 83 messages (7 by members who shouldn't have been posting there ).
My personal impression is that Buz was a really nice guy, albeit possibly "thick as a brick". But I really did like him.
Or something like that.
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11-16-2012 11:00 PM

Buz's first message
Happenings in another topic led me to find this:
This was my first on March 15, 2003:
Hi Doinker. I am a Christian who has been into Biblical prophecy, archeology and history for about 57 years (since a kid)on my own and having only a year and a half of college, I am not highly "ejucated" so I rely on truth to be able to prevail in debate in this environment of folks, many of whom are more soooofisssssticatedly educated than I. I come here as a nubie, confident that truth shall prevail and that the "foolishness" of truth (in the eyes of the world) shall confound the ever learned looser "garbauge" of the worldly wise. So dear friend, please don't run off. Americans have a fascination with folks like you who are interested enough to cross the language barrier to communicate.
The link at the top with get you to the original source topic.
Location of above at the "Your First Ever EVC Post" topic.
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