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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Foreveryoung Discussions
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10-30-2012 3:31 PM
Reply to: Message 38 by foreveryoung
10-30-2012 2:48 PM

In my haste and ernestness, I may not have stated all the principles of evolution absolutely correctly, but I have also realized that many of you are not aware of the latest changes to evolutionary theory that are not quite accepted by all biological scientists. For one thing, not all biological scientists believe in panselectionism.
Recent changes ? You mean like Gould and Lewontin's "Spandrels" paper from 1979 ? That's recent to you ? The Neutral Theory, which was established in the '60s and '70s is recent ? It may be new to you, but it isn't new.
I really think you could do with a little less arrogance. You can be sure that your attitude is a major contributor to the negative marks your posts have gotten.

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